Entrepreneurship Does Not Require More Government


I found this video at Breibart. The White House announced that AOL’s Steve Case will be heading up a new initiative to encourage entrepreneurship in the US. It’s called “Start Up America Partnership.” That’s just what we need, more businesses in partnership with the government.

These people just don’t get it! We don’t need more government for entrepreneurship, we need less! How much is it costing the taxpayers for Steve Case to be out there promoting this inane initiative? Did you hear that guy talking about incubators and other nonsense? What the hell are these people thinking? The woman doing the interview actually said something like “There seems to be private sector involvement here.” Well, one would hope that the private sector is involved in entrepreneurial endeavors. How much do you want to bet that the jobs “created” by this initiative are the bogus green jobs this administration is so fond of?

This is what happens when the people running the show have no idea how businesses are started and jobs are created. They think they can appoint a commission and new jobs will magically appear. I suppose that may be the case when government throws a lot of money around, and the corporatists of the world slop it up like pigs at the trough, only to come back later for more. But that’s not how most of us create businesses.

When my husband started his business we made the decision sitting around the kitchen island. We didn’t contact our elected officials to ask for money. We didn’t even ask the bank for a loan. We saved money and made sure we were in the financial position to take the leap. Now we worry about how much money the government is going to extract from our business. Will there be enough to invest in new tools? Will we be able to afford to hire another employee? What if we have to lay off that employee, will said employee be entitled to never-ending unemployment benefits, making it more expensive to re-hire that employee or someone else when things turn around? We worry about having customers who can pay the bill when the job is done. We don’t want loans, we want customers.

I understand that many businesses need loans to start up, but the more government we have, the less capital is available out there for new endeavors. The more government we have, the more loans will be needed to get started. No wonder they’re pushing for more lending. Get everyone in debt, as if that’s the answer.

Out of curiosity, I looked up the history of AOL. In the early days, there doesn’t appear to have been much government involvement in the company. But in the mid-nineties they did get in bed with the government and unions. I guess that explains why the government is tapping Case to head up this effort.