You Know What We Need? A Muslim ‘Cosby Show,’ Says Katie Couric – Updated


Katie Couric is quite concerned about the bigotry towards Muslims and thinks a Muslim Version of “The Cosby Show” would be a great idea. Oh, and she and this guy Mo Rocca also think they should teach Islam in the public schools! Yes, the same people whose heads explode any time Christian beliefs are mentioned in the public square.

I’ll be she thinks those glasses make her look smart.

Doug Powers adds:

Don’t stop there. What should this Muslim sitcom be called? “Shi’ite My Dad Says”? “South Park51″? “Hangin’ Mr. Cooper”? “Muhammad in the Middle”? “Everybody Hates Carl“? The premise has been beaten like the CBS Evening News in the ratings, but feel free to help out anyway, Katie!

And from Gateway Pundit:

Maybe for their Christmas special they could blow up a Christmas treebomb a church or drag a pastor into the street and shoot him dead?

The Other McCain weighed in:

Of the many layers of stupid in Couric’s comment, the first that comes to mind is this: Is the real problem America’s attitudes toward Muslims, or rather is the real problem Muslims’ attitude toward America?

Excellent point. I wonder how long it takes for some lefty to accuse him of raaaaacism!

Be sure to follow the link to The Minority Report for a list of some of the issues that are “undeniably relevant to all of us.”

Update: What do you think Muslim fundamentalists would have done to Katie Couric had she struck this pose at one of their events?