Union ‘Carolers’ Curse and Intimidate Families


This is what passes for “carolers” in the American media these days – union thugs intimidating and cursing families at Christmas time.

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Are you kidding me? A caravan of 80 people to sing insults and, according to eyewitnesses, shouting “F*CK YOU” at various houses right before Christmas? This isn’t “caroling,” this is intimidation. On private property. I’m told by locals that one of the houses they visited was down a private lane of an elderly couple whose granddaughter often stays with them (and luckily wasn’t the night the union struck) – the union trespassed.

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Listen to the news report of the Christmas “carolers.”

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Has anyone else noticed that the unions seem to be getting more brazen in this golden age of Hope and Change? The biggest irony – the people they paid to put in office have enacted policies that have weakened the economy and hurt the businesses that employ them.

Via Instapundit