Seventy Four Percent of Doctors Will Quit if Obamacare Stands


Megyn Kelly reported that a new study finds that 74% of doctors say they will quit, retire or go part time if Obamacare stands. She discussed the report with Dr. Marc Siegel. Dr. Siegel recommends asking your doctor what his or her plans are. He also said we can end up seeing a lot more nurse practitioners. Dr. Siegel said it’s true that we are going to be seeing big changes in health care.

But not to worry. White House mouthpiece Robert Gibbs says Obamacare is constitutional and improves people’s lives!

(Even if it did improve people’s lives, which it won’t, that doesn’t make it constitutional. A notion that Gibbs and his ilk fail to grasp.)

Videos via Brietbart here and here.

Update: Linked at Michelle Malkin, where Doug Powers notes that Kathleen Sebelius and Eric Holder argue that challenging Obamacare is like challenging civil rights and opposing car insurance.