Dan Maffei Didn’t Have the Money to Demand a Recount


Leading up to Rep. Dan Maffei’s (D) concession to Ann Marie Buerkle (R) in the race for NY25, it appeared that Maffei was prepared to demand a full hand recount, which would have dragged the race on until mid to late December. Shortly after the election, Maffei sent out an email to supporters asking for funds to help him with the absentee ballot count. Up until the day before his concession, the Maffei campaign was still talking about a full recount. So, why did he decide to concede on November 23? It was a bit of a mystery, until now.

The Post Standard reported that Maffei didn’t have enough money to pay for a full recount.

In the three weeks after the Nov. 2 election, Maffei raised $82,259 for the recount effort, lagging his Republican opponent, Ann Marie Buerkle, who raised almost $125,000 during the same period, according to reports filed by the campaigns with the Federal Election Commission.

A 25th District recount and associated legal fees could have easily topped $200,000, according to those familiar with the process. Onondaga County elections officials had already made it clear to a judge they did not want taxpayers to pay for any recount effort.

I guess his donors believed they’d invested enough into a losing campaign. Another factor could be that he refused to make any public appearances or give any interviews after the election.

Congresswoman elect Ann Marie Buerkle was in Washington, DC last week for training. Rep. Maffei has been moved to the basement for the rest of his term. As the outcome of the race was so late, Buerkle wasn’t part of the House office lottery for incoming freshman, so she’ll be taking Maffei’s office.