Will Rep. Dan Maffei Concede in NY25 Race?


The congressional race in New York’s 25th district has dragged on for weeks now. Incumbent Democrat Dan Maffei’s only hope of winning was to pick up enough votes when absentee ballots were counted in Onondaga County. It’s not looking like he’ll be able to pull it off.

Including the votes from Onondaga County, Buerkle still leads by 303 votes, with 102,048 votes to Maffei’s 101,745.

The overall numbers do not include ballots in Wayne County, where recanvassing is expected to finish today and absentees will start being counted on Saturday.

Buerkle’s campaign said Thursday night that Maffei did not perform well enough in Onondaga County to overcome the lead Buerkle has held since election night.

“While most of (Thursday’s) counted ballots are from the City of Syracuse and Town of DeWitt – the remaining ballots are proving to be much more difficult for Maffei,” Jeff Buley, head legal counsel for Buerkle, said. “We are approaching mathematic certainty that Ann Marie Buerkle will be the 25th District’s next representative in the United States Congress.”

Ann Marie Buerkle did very well in Wayne County on election day, and there’s no reason to believe the absentee ballots there will break for Rep. Maffei.

Reporter Robert Harding sent out a tweet regarding the race.

Sounds like good news for Ann Marie Buerkle, as well as for the people of Central New York and the United States.

But that doesn’t mean it’s over. Maffei will probably wait until after the absentees are counted in Wayne County. And there’s a very good chance he’ll call for a full hand recount of every ballot cast in the district as he bitterly clings to his seat in the House. If he does that, it could take another month before we have an official outcome.

Update: A re-canvass (not the absentee count) in Wayne County netted Buerkle another 144 votes, bringing her lead up to 411.

Stacy McCain linked and noted the historic nature of Ann Marie Buerkle’s victory.