What the heck is going on in Alaska?


It’s been such a busy week, I haven’t had a chance to post anything on the Senate race up in Alaska. Not that I haven’t been keeping my eye on it. Sore loser Lisa Murkowski is counting on write in votes to thwart the will of Alaska Republican primary voters. I even heard she won’t say whether she will caucus with the GOP. What a shock.

Here’s the latest, reported by Dan Riehl at Big Government:

According to recent numbers via the Washington Post, there are 83,201 write-in votes which, if all were legitimately cast for Murkowski, she would lead Miller, who stands at 69,762, by 13439 votes. Citing a late nineties race for Governor in which the Republican backed nominee ran as a write-in candidate, as much as 5% of all write-in ballots could be invalid. Were that percentage to apply here, as many as 4,000 potential Murkowski votes could be invalidated, bringing Murkowski’s presumed advantage down to under 10,000 votes.

Additionally, the Division of Elections has received 26,306 absentee ballots still needing to be counted and 10,645 questioned ballots. It’s also possible that some double voting occurred given that some votes believe to favor Murkowski may have been sent into the wrong precinct, while some number of those voters may have also had their votes counted in their home district. A careful final counting should address any issues there.

Read the whole thing. This race will probably boil down to some pro-Murkowski bureaucrats tipping the election in her favor. Also, read this post at Foxie News breaking down the numbers. (That second one is worth reading just for the disdain of Lisa “MurCOWski.”)

This is another example of the NRSC screwing things up.

Well, the NRSC’s [$3 million] California bet was a bust. Not only were the public polls right – Fiorina got trounced by nearly 10 points – but Harry Reid meanwhile pulled off a come-from-behind victory over Sharron Angle in Nevada and Ken Buck lost by the narrowest of margins in Colorado. Alaska’s final results may not be known for some time, but the NRSC’s final ads ended up helping Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s write-in campaign against GOP nominee Joe Miller. Instead of attacking Murkowski – the incumbent and the candidate who posed the greatest threat to the Republican Party’s nominee – the NRSC instead took aim at Democrat Scott McAdams, who had no chance of winning. Support it drove from McAdams was far more likely to go to Murkowski than to Miller – meaning the NRSC effort probably did more harm than good for Miller’s campaign.

We’ll have to wait this one out. Let’s hope the NRSC finally does something right, and supports Miller in this fight. Obviously, there are going to be a whole boatload of legal battles to contend with in Alaska. What a shame that it could have been avoided.

Due to the legal battles, Joe Miller needs your help. We all know Lisa Murkowski isn’t going to go down without a big legal battle.