Video: Rep. Conyers Reads Girlie Magazine on Airplane – Updated


Update: I received an email telling me it was “uncool” to post this. I was told Conyers’ behavior was legal and I was advocating censorship. Here’s my reply:

I never said it’s illegal. It is in poor taste. Had I been a flight attendant on that flight I would have been uncomfortable. And I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to walk past him with my two young children. He’s supposed to be a representative of the people, and showed a lack of class or consideration for those around him.

What a pig.

Detroit Congressman John Conyers was caught on camera in a late July flight to DC this summer ogling a Playboy magazine.

The video and pictures – first posted by ex-Detroit News reporter and New York Times Pulitzer Prize winner Charlie LeDuff on his Facebook page – were taken by an anonymous passenger seated in the same row as the 81-year old congressman. Conyers – in his aisle seat – is shown flipping though pages showing two nude gal pals in the August issue of Playboy. And he also apparently reads Hefner’s product for the articles! He appears to linger on an article titled “La Chatte” by Maureen Gibbon.

I’ll bet Conyers was hoping for a pat down. Ick.

Video via Breitbart