The Haze of Thanksgiving Post


It’s official – Holiday Traffic Suckage Season has begun. For those of you who aren’t traffic obsessed bloggers, I’ll let Stacy explain.

You should hit my tip jar today. Why? Because Thanksgiving marks the beginning of Holiday Traffic Suckage Season, which has been known to cause severe cases of Blogger Mood Disorder.We bloggers live or die by traffic. When traffic is up, we’re happy. When traffic is down, we’re sad. Blog traffic goes in the toilet on Thanksgiving and doesn’t recover until January.

It really is quite awful. The link up there is Stacy’s tip jar, not mine. Mine’s over there in the sidebar on the right. Feel free to hit both.

It’s hard to blog while away from home. I like my own space. At home I can blog from any room in the house. Away from home – I feel like a fish out of water. Not that it wasn’t a nice day. We departed fairly early this morning, drove through some global warming in the Poconos, and arrived here early in the afternoon. We started eating right away and didn’t stop until we all felt like we’d explode. Thanks to Michelle Obama’s pie waver, I indulged in some delicious desserts guilt free before waddling over to a little spot on the floor to enjoy a movie.

Speaking of Michelle Obama, she’s willing to subject herself and her family to the horrors of life in the White House beyond 2012 because Barack needs to finish what he started. Kind of makes sense – Cuba wasn’t destroyed in a day, and that’s a much smaller country than the US. These things take time.

Time isn’t something the progressives believe they have. They’d really like us turned into a massive Cuba quickly. Kids these days – it’s all about instant gratification. Many Democrats agree. They think the voters are stupid and some even call Obama a right winger. The turkey and pie have me so tired I don’t even know where to start with that line of thinking.

One final note: The people here today, for the most part, vote Republican. Not a single one of them likes Sarah Palin. All of us live in the Northeast or Mid-Atlantic regions, so perhaps they’re different than the rest of the country. But I don’t think they are, and they all hope she doesn’t run. I’ve talked to others who feel the same way, and not all of them are from the Northeast. A lot of people are bashing the elites for saying Palin doesn’t have a chance at becoming president. But in this case the elites may be right. I don’t know. I like her and I think she’s done a good job raising money for some decent conservative candidates. Do I think she can win? Again, I don’t know. What do you think?

Oh wait – I have a second final note: Saturday night I’ll be the scheduled guest for the entire hour of Da TechGuy‘s new radio show. It airs on WCRN in Worcester, MA. The show debuted last week and Robert Stacy McCain was the first scheduled guest. You can listen to that here. I’ll post more about it, including call-in information, either Friday or Saturday.

Posting may be light tomorrow. We’re talking about taking the kids to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Of course, I’m all for it, but we’ll have to see what everyone else wants to do.

Update 11/26/10 10:40 AM: Could Palin’s problem be a little too much media exposure?