Now You Have to Worry About TSA Agents’ Dirty Gloves


Happy travels, America. Travelers who decide to opt out of the naked body scans due to the unknown effects of radiation may not be too thrilled to hear this news. Since the agents doing the love pats don’t change their gloves, there’s a good chance they could be spreading disease and bugs from passenger to passenger.

“There is no doubt that bacteria (staph, strep, v.cholerae etc.) and viruses (noro, enteroviruses, herpes, hepatitis A and papilloma viruses) can be spread by contaminated vinyl or latex gloves,” Dr. Thomas Warner of Wisconsin told WND in a letter to the editor.

“If a traveler has diarrhea and is soiled, as can and does happen, the causative agent can be spread by this method since bacteria and viruses in moist environments have greater viability.”

He continued. “The traveler readjusting clothes can easily get the infectious agents on their hands and therefore into their mouth, nose or eyes.”

Added a pulmonary critical care physician from Connecticut who did not want to be identified by name, “That doesn’t make sense that they’re not changing gloves.”

“Anything can be transmitted. If there are open wounds and they [TSA agents] are not aware, there’s syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, lice, ringworm.”

Worse yet would be for people whose immune systems are compromised by treatments they may be having, including cancer patients, she said.

Ugh. Think what this will do to marriages around the country. Picture it:

Husband: “Honey, I swear I didn’t catch chlamydia by cheating on you.”

Wife: “You lying SOB! Who is she?”

Husband: “I swear, there is no other woman!”

Wife: “I’m calling my attorney! That’s it, we’re through!”

Not that the progressives will mind, they hate the traditional family and marriage.

And if you don’t believe TSA agents are sticking their hands down people’s pants, think again! I was wondering when this was going to happen.

A customer of popular women’s health company, Gladrags, relayed her recent experience at the hands of the TSA via email.

In short, she was asked to walk through a radiation firing naked body scanner and complied. The scanner produced a naked image of her, but because her sanitary towel was obscuring her most intimate parts from prying eyes, the TSA agents pulled her aside for a full groin search. Not something to be relished by any person, let alone someone who has previously suffered sexual assault.

Related: A TSA worker who sexually abused a woman has a record of prior assault. The worst part:

TSA has a long list of “disqualifying offenses” for employment at the federal agency that operates airport security. Those offenses include felonies, violent crimes, theft, and crimes involving security and transportation. Regan checked the list and found that it did not include misdemeanor offenses of harassing and stalking.

Isn’t that nice? Do you want a stalker, wearing dirty gloves, reaching his or her hands down your pants?