Buerkle Picks Up More Votes, Maffei Says Pay No Attention to Vote Totals


Cayuga County counted absentee ballots in the NY25 congressional race today. The race remains undecided, however, Ann Marie Buerkle (R) is ahead of Rep Dan Maffei (D) by 687 votes. Cayuga County was the first to count absentee ballots.

According to a tweet from Auburn Pub reporter Robert Harding, it appears that Buerkle picked up a net of 7 votes, which would put her lead at 694.

Once Harding’s report is released I’ll verify that my interpretation of his tweet is correct. Monroe County will be counted tomorrow, where it is expected Buerkle’s lead will be increased. [Update: Cayuga County’s count hasn’t been finished, or at least not released yet, so I don’t know where those numbers from Harding come up.]

In the meantime, Dan Maffei wants you to forget that he’s losing.

“While the media has responsibility to report the daily developments during the recanvass and tallying of absentee ballots, they also have a responsibility to characterize the early steps in this process accordingly,” Gardner wrote.

“Until Onondaga County absentee ballots are counted, the vote totals that will be reported on a daily basis will be incomplete and premature. They are not accurate indicators of what the final count will be once all qualified absentee ballots are counted.”

She added, “We’re confident that Congressman Maffei will be declared the winner in this race once all legitimate ballots are counted.”

Forget the fact that the number of absentee ballots outstanding for the parties endorsing Buerkle outnumber those than the parties endorsing Maffei, or that if the absentees break as expected Buerkle still comes out ahead! No, no, no! Don’t look at any of that. Who knows, maybe he’s going to pull a Rocky and Bullwinkle act like Solomon Ortiz down in Texas 27 – is he waiting for votes to magically appear? We’ll find out soon enough, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated.

Also: I have a conference call with Randy Altschuler who now leads the incumbent Democrat in NY1 in just a few minutes. I’ll be sure to let you know what I find out about that race a little later this evening.