Ann Marie Buerkle Needs Your Help


The absentee ballot count continues here in NY25. Ann Marie Buerkle, the Republican challenger maintains her lead over incumbent Democrat Dan Maffei. But his lawyers are trying to have ballots of absentee voters tossed out, and if the absentee count doesn’t go his way, the Maffei team may ask for a full hand recount which could take another month. Because of this, Ann Marie Buerkle has to pay attorneys of her own.

The goal is to raise $15,000. If 1,000 of us each contributes $15 we can get her to the goal to make sure every eligible vote is counted.

We are now in the midst of the absentee ballot count. Your support and dedication to our campaign has led us this close to victory, but obstacles remain and I need your help.

Our expanding lead, along with the party make-up of the returned absentees in Onondaga County, make clear that Congressman Maffei’s only path to “victory” is to attempt to throw out hundreds of legally-cast and eligible absentee ballots. The sad irony of this situation is that in order to “win” Congressman Maffei must attempt to throw out the legal votes of the very people he claims to represent in Congress.

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Related: Local news outlets are reporting the absentee ballot count in Onondaga County as reported to them by the Dan Maffei campaign!

Absentee ballot counting is underway in Onondaga County, and as expected, Rep. Dan Maffei is picking up more votes there than his challenger, Ann Marie Buerkle.

According to unofficial tallies kept by the Maffei campaign, Buerkle’s lead has narrowed to 303 votes. About 55 percent of ballots in Onondaga County have been counted so far, and Maffei has won 57 percent of those.

I was following this last night. Early in the evening I saw somewhere that the Maffei camp was reporting a net gain of about 180 votes. Later in the evening that number changed to about 400. How did he pick up over 200 votes in the night? Therefore, unless the Buerkle campaign confirms the numbers I’ll wait for the official totals. We are also waiting for the absentee ballots to be counted in Wayne County, where Buerkle had a big lead over Maffei. Those ballots won’t be counted until Saturday.

Update: Sam Foster crunched the numbers. Nothing is for sure at this point, but he thinks Buerkle’s chances of maintaining the lead are strong.

With Buerkle at an 824 vote lead and Maffei taking 13.5% of the 6,300 absentee’s, the result would be Dan Maffei by 28 votes (852-824). The problem for Maffei?

Wayne County still needs to finish counting their absentees. Buerkle won Wayne County by a 25 point margin and they’ll be counting over 1,200 ballots. If Buerkle maintains the same spread as she did on election night, she’ll add roughly 300 votes to her total. She’d need only a little more than a 2 point margin to break even with Dan Maffei.

Of course, this is all hypothetical. I’d give Ann Marie Buerkle the benefit of the doubt in retaining the lead when all is said and done. However, if she fails to win decisively, we could be at this for a very long time.

That last sentence pretty much sums up why Buerkle is in need of donations.