Why Won’t the Media Talk to Dr. John Drew About Obama’s Marxist Past? – Updated and Bumped


Update: Doug Ross has the complete transcript of the interview. Key quote:

Yeah, you’ve got that exactly right. Obama believed, at the time I met him, this was probably around Christmas time in 1980. I’d flown out on Christmas break from Cornell, where I was in grad school. And Obama was looking forward to an imminent social revolution, literally a movement where the working classes would overthrow the ruling class and institute a kind of socialist Utopia in the United States. I mean, that’s how extreme his views were his sophomore year of college.

Dr. John Drew knew Barack Obama when he went to Occidental College. (For some strange reason, those records have never been released. Where’s the transparency?) Drew was recently interviewed by Paul Kengor who was guest hosting the Glen Meakem radio program.

Dr. Drew told Kengor that he met Barack Obama when he went back to Occidental after graduation to visit a girlfriend. He said in no uncertain terms that Obama was a radical Marxist, and it was unusual for a college sophomore to be so radically into Marxism. He said he was ardent and committed to Marxism.

John – a former Occidental student himself and founder of the Democratic Student Socialist Alliance – states that as a Sophomore, Barack Obama was a self described Marxist Leninist.  Obama’s attraction to this radical ideology as a young college student could explain his absolute determination as President to pass the current “progressive” agenda of the liberal left.  Unlike John, who transformed into a church going, Ronald Reagan conservative, President Obama never described a similar political evolution away from socialist thinking for himself.

I wonder why nobody in the media ever talked to Dr. Drew. He seems willing to talk about Obama’s past. Where’s the curiosity?

Audio of the interview can be heard here. The interview begins at 41:00.

Via American Thinker