What Do You Get When You Run Out of Other People’s Money? Riots!


Socialist states are going broke. They’re running out of other people’s money. The people are being asked to wait until they are – I hope you are sitting down for this – sixty two years old to retire! It’s as if an entire generation has lost its ability to think and reason. The other day I was talking to someone who is a pretty smart person. She’s excellent at what she does and is well regarded by others in our industry. That’s why I was floored when she said the US should be more like Europe and mandate 8 weeks vacation for all workers. I guess she’s been too busy to see the news lately.

They’ve got trash piling up in the streets. Gas stations have run dry. Rioters are erecting blockades. I’d say these people are insane, but the entitlement mentality has been drummed into these people’s heads.

For Gilly and many other Frenchmen and women, social benefits such as long vacations, state-subsidized health care and early retirement are more than just luxuries: They’re seen as a birthright — an essential part of the identity of today’s France…

“We want to stop working at 60 because it’s something our parents, our grandparents and even our great-grandparents fought for,” says Gilly, 50, a union representative at Saint-Pierre Cemetery, the largest in this bustling Mediterranean port city.

“And over the years … you can see that we’re losing everything they fought for. And that’s unacceptable.”…

It was in 1982, under Socialist President Francois Mitterrand, that the minimum age to stop working was lowered from 65 to 60. The measure, emblematic of the 14-year Mitterrand presidency, was adopted by a special ordinance that bypassed parliament.

This is where we’re headed, folks, if we aren’t there already.