Obama Gets His Thug On


President Obama got his thug on during a radio interview. If he’s this bad now, just imagine how he’s going to be when he runs for re-election.

“If they’re successful in doing that, they’ve already said they’re going to go back to the same policies that were in place during the Bush administration. That means that we are going to have just hand-to-hand combat up here on Capitol Hill.”

Unionesque thuggery isn’t the only tactic Obama employed. He went right down the list.

Fear mongering? Check!

A Republican majority would threaten policies to stabilize the economy, the president says

Race hustling? Check!

“The reason we won [in 2008] is because young people, African Americans, Latinos — people who traditionally don’t vote in high numbers — voted in record numbers. We’ve got to have that same kind of turnout in this election,”

Blame it on Bush? Check!

Obama said most of the job losses his administration gets blamed for occurred before “any of my economic plans were put into place,” and that the country is still “experiencing the hangover from the misguided policies” of the last decade.

At least he’s predictable.