NY25 Road Trip


I’m heading out in a few minutes to meet Stacy McCain and Pete “Da TechGuy” at a campaign event for Ann Marie Buerkle in Clyde, NY. It’s a bit of a drive, about an hour or so, but it’s not every day Stacy and Pete come to Central New York.

While I’m there I’ll find out more about the press conference Ann Marie Buerkle is holding tomorrow to address the smears leveled against her by the incumbent statist, Dan Maffei. It was reported that he defended his smears of this good woman. Let it be known, the charges that she’s a tax cheat and wants to eliminate Social Security are completely false.

One more thing, if you happened to see the poll plastered on the front page of the Post Standard this morning, take it with a grain of salt. If Maffei was safe he wouldn’t have called in Bill Clinton, and he wouldn’t be stooping so low as to level false accusations at Ann Marie.

Ann Marie Buerkle for Congress!!!

Update: I’m back. I’ll be doing a new post shortly. I have some more to say about that Siena poll and will have photos from the event.  I can tell you, the Wayne County crowd was thrilled to that two national bloggers showed up to cover the event.