Is Dan Maffei’s Campaign Intimidating Donors?


Democrat politicians and their allies on the left are desperate. They’ll do anything to hang onto power, including voter fraud, using illegal aliens to get out the vote, and intimidating voters and donors to conservative campaigns.

In the race for NY25, Rep. Dan Maffei (D) has shown he’s willing to stoop pretty low to hang onto his seat in Congress. He’s been smearing his challenger, Ann Marie Buerkle, on the air with complete falsehoods. Even after she has proven he’s lying, he persists in running the negative ads. He even defended the tactic.

I thought that he had hit rock bottom in the “how low can you go?” category until I heard from a source today. I was told that someone from Maffei’s campaign has contacted at least two donors to the Ann Marie Buerkle campaign, questioning them on why they donated to Buerkle. If this is true, it’s beyond the pale. Any lawyers out there – is it legal for sitting Congressmen to harass donors?

As far as I know, there is no recording of either call. But Dan Maffei has proven he’ll take whatever measures are necessary to win this election, so intimidating donors certainly isn’t outside the realm of possibility. If you have made donations to Ann Marie Buerkle’s campaign, or any campaign for that matter, and were contacted by the staff of the opponent, please contact me confidentially at and I’ll give you a contact phone number.