How Sad-Americans More Dependent Than Ever On Government


The Heritage Foundation released the 2010 Index of Dependence on Government and the findings are quite disturbing. Anyone who has been paying attention probably isn’t shocked that more Americans than ever are dependent on government, but it’s still sad. Sad and dire for the future of our republic. Once the dependent class outnumbers the productive class we’re toast.

Here are just a few of the unsettling findings:

  • The surge in the Index of 13.6% over last year takes the Index to an all time high.
  • Government support for dependent persons has grown from $7,293 per person in 1962, to $31,950 per person in 2009, both amounts expressed in 2005 dollars.
  • Many Americans pay no federal income tax for the dependency related programs they use. 132.5 million Americans do not pay income taxes and do not have a head of household paying income taxes in their household. This is up from just 34.8 million in 1984.
  • And three entitlement programs, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid eat up 41% of all non-interest federal program spending. Unchecked, this will grow to 62% over the next decade as 10,000 baby boomers retire every day.

Read more at the Foundry.

The Washington Times summarized:

The prognosis is dire: “The very nature of this country’s republican form of government is called into question.” Furthermore, the United States has reached the brink of a “tipping point,” at which “reckless growth in dependence programs has produced domestic debt crises.” Such are the findings of the Heritage Foundation’s annual “Index of Dependence on Government,” released yesterday. Reading the report makes clear why next month’s elections may be the last chance to stop government from growing so big as to cause systemic collapse.

Vote accordingly. Listen to the candidates. Which one is telling you we need more government programs to “help people?” Which one is telling you that Social Security is solvent? They know just as well as you and I that this is unsustainable, but they won’t tell you that. At least not now.

What’s that quote about 51% of the people learning they can vote to pick the pocket of the other 49%? We’re pretty much at that point.