Gag Alert! CBS News: Pelosi One of the Most Effective Speakers in History!


Read no further if you have a weak stomach. This is truly nausea inducing. I’m really wishing I didn’t eat those Peanut M&Ms before reading this.


On CBS’s Sunday Morning, correspondent Rita Braver conducted a fawning interview with Nancy Pelosi, portraying the widely unpopular Speaker of the House as a strong leader taking on her opponents: “Nancy Pelosi is considered one of the most effective speakers in congressional history….Believe it or not, Republicans are out to fire Pelosi and Madam Speaker is firing back.”

Braver began the segment by declaring: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi is all business. Whether it’s on her morning walk along the Potomac….Or showing off the private balcony outside her Capitol office.” She then lobbed this softball to the “all business” Speaker: “Do you ever let yourself relax and just do nothing? Loaf a little?” Pelosi replied: “I think I may take that up, but not until after the election.”

There’s plenty more, including a complete transcript if you can stand it. Thankfully, there’s no video. Had I watched and listened I probably would have lost my M&Ms and my lunch. Sheesh!

Update: If you must see video you can find it at Story Balloon. Brace yourself first.

Uncoverage linked!