Buerkle Addresses Maffei’s Smears – Good Thing Bloggers Covered It


I missed Ann Marie Buerkle’s press conference this morning because I had to be at work. It’s a good thing RS McCain* and Da TechGuy were there, otherwise I’d still be in the dark about what happened. Reporters were there, but I haven’t found they did any reporting. I suppose that’s a lot to ask of our local media outlets.

Here’s the scoop. Rep. Dan Maffei (D) has been running an ad in the district (NY25) accusing Ann Marie Buerkle of being delinquent on her taxes. Here’s the truth:

Buerkle has explained that she has a “triple-net lease agreement with her tenants whereby they are responsible for the property taxes.” When her tenants fell behind on their taxes in January 2010, she “was faced with the choice of evicting them or covering their taxes. She contacted the County and worked out a formal signed and notarized payment plan with them. Monthly installment payments are made to the County.”

At the press conference, Buerkle introduced one of her tenants – a hairstyling salon owner named Andre – and said his situation exemplifies the economic problems of the 25th District that she hopes to address in Congress. “Andre represents one of those hard-working Americans who takes a risk. He spends days in his salon working hard to be successful. And Andre and all the other small businesses in upstate New York . . . need Washington to get out of the way.”

Maybe the local press will get around to reporting this news some time before the election.

You can watch video of the press conference at The Other McCain.

*RS McCain is a blogger, independent reporter, and author.