Beware the Progressives in Your Local and State Government, Too


Unfortunately, it isn’t just the federal politicians we need to worry about. Nearly a year ago I did a long post about my state senator, David Valesky. I’m not an investigative reporter, but what I found is that Valesky introduced “green” legislation that may as well have been written by the Centers for American Progress or Van Jones. They’re all connected.

Now a few bloggers are looking into the Progressive States Network. It’s a who’s who of progressives, including John Podesta of the Centers for American Progress. Mind Numbed Robot started a list – he calls it “socia.list” – catchy. Included on the list are 1000 state legislators who signed on in support of Obamacare. (Very few from my state are on the list, but it probably goes without saying that the lefties from NY are all about the progressive agenda.)

So, what is this PSN all about? Mind Numbed Robot summed it up:

Their plan is to introduce Progressive/Socialist legislation at the State and local levels in order to gain a foothold on those issues at the national level both in the media and in the federal legislature. In the process, they are grooming candidates for national office.

The Current and Conservative Hideout have more information. Be sure to follow the links and keep up to date on this nefarious organization. What better way to implement their agenda than to work at the local level, under the radar of many voters? Like Bob Belvedere wrote – they’re like cockroaches, they’re everywhere. As soon as you turn on a light, they scurry away and the liberal media gives them cover. I guess this is just another area where the media refuses to do its job, leaving it up to bloggers to do it for them.

Whoever it was that said “All politics is local” sure wasn’t kidding.

Update: This is what the PSN thinks of states rights:

Progressive legislative leaders need to clearly engage the public and promote our story of a Constitution that was meant to promote a vigorous federal power in promoting equal rights and the general welfare, even as federal leaders should respect and strengthen the capacity of states to take action beyond minimum standards set by the federal government.

Their story is that the Constitution was meant to promote a vigorous federal power. The only way to sell their story is to re-write history. Apparently, these folks don’t want you to know about the Federalist Papers. The Constitution was written to restrict the power of the federal government to certain enumerated powers.  What part of that don’t these people want you to understand?