Are Any Democrats Safe?


It’s beginning to look like no Democrat is safe in November’s mid-term election. No doubt, San Franciscans will return Nancy Pelosi to the House. But all across the country, Democrats who were considered safe are looking more and more vulnerable.

WSJ: Republican challengers are suddenly threatening once-safe Democrats in New England and the Northwest, expanding the terrain for potential GOP gains and raising the party’s hopes for a significant victory in next month’s elections.

Republican advances in traditionally Democratic states, including Connecticut, Oregon and Washington, may not translate into a wave of GOP victories. But they have rattled local campaigns and forced the Democrats to shift attention and money to races they didn’t expect to be defending.

Nate Silver predicts the GOP could pick up 50 House seats. Dick Morris thinks they could double that. Don’t get too confident though. We all know how the left likes to steal elections, and they’re constantly coming up with new tactics to do so. Cheating may be the only thing some of the Democrats have left.