Scared Barney Frank Calls in Bubba for Backup


Sean Bielat must be doing something right. It looks like Barney Frank’s getting nervous, so he called in Bubba to campaign for him.

Boston Herald: U.S. Rep. Barney Frank – suddenly the target of an energized GOP and a hard-charging young opponent – has called in Bill Clinton for a Bubba Bailout in an apparent sign that one of the Bay State’s safest congressional seats may not be immune from voters’ throw-the-bums-out rage.

Both Democratic and Republican observers acknowledge Frank might need big guns in this dreaded turnover year, but the 30-year veteran congressman insisted it’s just politics as usual.

“It’s called campaigning. I’m trying to win an election and that’s what you do in campaigns. You do it to get votes,” Frank fumed yesterday. “If I campaign effectively, that means I’m scared, but if I don’t campaign, that means I’m arrogant.

Bielat appeared on Sean Hannity’s Great American Panel recently. In the video, he talks about the campaign a little after the 4 minute mark.

Find out more about Sean Bielat. Frank has a big money advantage in the race, so if you can spare it you might want to consider sending Bielat a few bucks.