Oh the Scandal! Gitmo Detainees Ice Cream is Being Rationed!


The Daily Mail has the shocking, scandalous scoop (pun intended) on ice cream rationing at Guantanamo Bay. Oh, the horror!

The frozen dessert is allegedly being tightly measured, with only one ice cream allowed for each of its 147 detainees.

Journalist for The Miami Herald, Carol Rosenberg, photographed a refrigerator at Guantanamo, with two signs reading ‘DETAINEE FOOD ONLY’ and ‘Only 1 Ice Cream For each detainee!’

And why would the government ration the terrorists’ ice cream? To save money!

The ice cream rationing has now led the journalist to question Guantanamo Bay’s motives, suspecting that it might be an attempt to reduce spending.

Thank goodness this outrageous treatment of terrorists has finally been exposed! It could be worse though. The detainees could have been forced to eat okra from the White House garden. That, my friends, would be truly scandalous.