Now This is What I Call a Governor’s Race!


Have you been following the New York Governor’s race? If not, you should. Albany is a swamp, we all know it, but for some reason people keep voting for the same swamp creatures over and over again. Everyone’s been afraid to call it like they see it, until Carl Paladino came along.

The New York Post said the Gubernatorial Candidates Wallow in the Smears. What do they expect? This is New York, it’s about time for some blunt talk!

Andrew Cuomo is an Albany swamp creature by birth. For a while he left for Washington to help the DC swamp creatures destroy the American housing market. Now he’s back in the New York, hoping to be the leader of our swamp. Paladino’s just being honest. I think the campaign ad shown above is perfectly appropriate under the circumstances.

Carl Paladino has asked Andrew Cuomo for a debate, but apparently Cuomo’s scared, so Paladino said Cuomo has no cojones. How did Cuomo respond? Did he accept the challenge of a debate? No, he’s still thinking about that. But he did decide he wants to call Paladino an a-hole. That’s the best he’s got.

Now, if only we can get whoever wins to take on the public employee unions with such passion. Maybe if Cuomo would agree to a debate, we’d get the chance to find out which one will do so!