How to Make a Blogger Blush and Fight the Left All in One Post


Making a blogger blush is actually quite easy.

You go to blogger gatherings, you meet lots of wonderful conservative blogging ladies. Because they’re conservative, they tend to be easy on the eye, and have a husband in tow, just in case the riff-raff’s restless. No, I was actually thinking of The Lonely Conservative, whom we also do not link enough.

Smitty said they don’t link to me enough! Aw, shucks!

Fighting the left can be just as easy.

. .I think that one thing is painfully obvious (besides the fact that the Left is composed of a lot of pervs who would rather talk about witchcraft and masturbation than the economy and jobs)–we are playing the game by their rules, not our own. And guess what? This game is rigged against us. Simply put, the rules of this game are to call any woman who challenges Obama and his agenda a “witch”, or say perverted things about her and her family. And, if we complain about these Chicago tactics and don’t take ‘the high road”, then we are “Raaaaacists!!” (that’s five A’s). Well, in the spirit of Bill Maher, I’ve decided that it’s time for us conservatives to make some “New Rules”.

There’s some good advice there. I’d say quite a few bloggers are already following most of the rules. It’s time for the larger conservative media outlets to do the same, perhaps a bit more subtly than the Bill Maher’s of the world. But seriously, would it be so hard for some prominent conservative pundits to mention that while Christine O’Donnell was hanging out with Wiccans, Obama was snorting blow and seeking out communist professors?