Blame it On the Rain


I hasn’t stopped raining today. It was gray and dreary, now it’s dark and damp. Maybe that’s why I’ve been in no mood to blog today. Ah, well, it’s been a busy week. Between work and the kids I don’t know how I find time for anything else. That, or maybe the 7,000 plus posts under my belt are catching up to me.

You’d think I’d have something to say about Carl Paladino’s spat with a reporter. But I don’t. According to a local news channel, 42% of my fellow New Yorkers don’t care all that much, either. My coworkers sided with Paladino. I suppose that’s a good sign.

What about James O’Keefe? I cringe.

Meg Whitman? I thought the story sounded kinda familiar. Gloria Allred filing suit against a gubernatorial candidate weeks before an election. Hmmmm.

Or maybe I’m just pondering how we define success and failure.  I just pray that when it comes to restoring our republic we succeed. I just tucked in two little guys who are depending on us.

On that note – there are a few hours left for Ann Marie Buerkle’s money bomb. If you haven’t donated yet please consider giving to Ann Marie Buerkle’s campaign. She’s one of the good ones – her opponent, not so much.