It Depends on Your Definition of Direction

By Allen Wilson

The U.S. economy grew 3.7% in the first quarter of 2010 but the rate of that growth slowed to 2.4% in the second quarter. A number of the forecasts for GDP show further reductions in the next two quarters. With growth falling off at this rate the Vice President made an attempt to put a positive spin on the bad news by stating that the economy was moving in the right direction. Saying it don’t make it so Joe. The “movement” in the economy certainly is not in the right direction.

When the Obama administration took off in January of 2008 many Americans would have believed the sun rose in the west if the new “Hope and Change” administration told them it was so. After a year and a half of disappointment and in some cases outright lies the administration continues to attempt to declare change for the better when the facts don’t support the claims.

In my 40 years of political observation I have seen many instances of administrations upsetting the public, even alienating the nation. What I observe today is all of the above and one new thing that is truly alarming. The current administration has literally destroyed the government’s credibility. Many Americans today would question the administration’s proclamation that the sun rises in the east. Even when true and supported by facts the people are questioning their government. We have been lied to and manipulated so much that we assume it is misdirection until we can confirm facts for ourselves.

To reverse this trend a significant change in the government is necessary. An incremental change will not be enough to move the mood of the nation. Have we reached a tipping point? In 2010 we have, by the grace and wisdom of our forefathers, the means for such a revolution with dignity and reserve. If on the other hand the choices made this November fail to reverse the trend, I question the patience of the public to wait for the next chance in 2012. A significant change in the make up of the government this November is only a first step. If it works we may get back on the right track. If it doesn’t the next step will be to change the type of people that make up that change.

The primary in Florida seems to indicate, in many cases, a collective willingness to give the established political class one more chance. Candidates insisting that they are the champions of the common man have been given the opportunity to prove they will actually do what they have promised. What is different this time around is that they will be under intense scrutiny to keep their promises. That scrutiny will come from a large, organized, and dedicated network outside the main stream media. The first of those promises, to listen to the people they represent, will see the light of day on every day of their term.

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  1. Sam Adams says:

    I, like a growing number of people, do NOT believe these numbers.

    No matter the source I only believe what I see and experience.

    That is why I know the upcoming election will be far different than the predictions.

    And it ain’t gonna be pretty either!

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