How Do We Wean the People Off the Socialist Dope?


Smitty has a great post up at The Other McCain about the dope known as socialism. FDR clearly violated the Constitution when he passed Social Security. (I’d say it’s an un-happy anniversary.) The media and progressive politicians make sure the people oppose any attempt to reform the most massive Ponzi scheme known in these United States. They want to keep us all doped up.

To be quite honest, I wouldn’t want to be in a politician’s shoes on this one. Especially one with good intentions. Smitty took a look at Paul Ryan’s Road Map, and notes that it’s a tacit acceptance of the current situation. (In his defense, Ryan posted this op-ed in the Washington Post.) I have to say, I applaud Ryan’s attempt to work with what we have, in the present climate. It’s a heck of a lot more than anyone else has done.

I only wish we weren’t in such a place where the idea proposed by Smitty wouldn’t seem so radical to an electorate that knows something is clearly wrong.

Whoever is President in 2012 should announce a three year preparation period, so that in 01 January 2015, the States pick up the tab for caring for such social services as they’re inclined to fund.Congress would invoice the States for remaining Federal tasking, letting these United States tax farm their citizens to fund the Federal budget, which is not allowed to run a deficit with the exception of an actual, formal, documented, Constitutional, proper declaration of war.

States missing their funding goals have a simple VAT applied to handle the delta.

Past the vomiting from opiate withdrawal, the wisdom of such a system would be the negative feedback loop. Forced to deal with budgetary realities, Pete Stark’s head would ’splode, and we’d quickly stop funding absurd, non-essential noise. Returning the Senators to State appointees, while probably not decreasing the net corruption in the Senate, would return a voice in Federal affairs to the States.

What can I say, other than Smitty for President! Absent a complete weaning of the people from the socialist dope, expect to be having this same discussion on the 85th anniversary of Social Security.