Hamas Leader Agrees With Obama on Ground Zero Mosque


President Obama backtracked, sort of, on his strong endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque. Not that he wasn’t clear on his stance, he just doesn’t want you to think he was clear. Not so for a Hamas leader, who said the mosque must be built.

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New York Post: A leader of the Hamas terror group yesterday jumped into the emotional debate on the plan to construct a mosque near Ground Zero — insisting Muslims “have to build” it there.

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“We have to build everywhere,” said Mahmoud al-Zahar, a co-founder of Hamas and the organization’s chief on the Gaza Strip.

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“In every area we have, [as] Muslim[s], we have to pray, and this mosque is the only site of prayer,” he said on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” on WABC.

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“We have to build the mosque, as you are allowed to build the church and Israelis are building their holy places.”

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Nobody said they can’t build the mosque, only that they shouldn’t build it there! I’m sure Obama gets it, he just doesn’t care. Not only that, the Ground Zero imam won’t even call Hamas a terrorist organization.

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Hamas first came up in the mosque debate earlier this summer when Abdul Rauf refused to describe the group as a terrorist organization — despite the State Department listing that identifies it as such.

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Tom Brown, a chief opponent of the mosque, said: “This is what we’ve been saying . . . Imam Rauf is a radical Muslim who will not call Hamas a terror group.”

A retired firefighter who was a first responder on 9/11, Brown lost 100 of his FDNY friends at the Twin Towers.

“How much evidence do we need that this guy is a radical Muslim?” he asked.

“If Rauf really were a bridge builder and an interfaith guy and all the things he professes to be, he wouldn’t be doing this to people.”

We could say the same thing about Obama.