Why is Obama Acting Like a Maniac?


There’s an interesting post up at The Weekly Standard about President Obama’s odd (to say the least) behavior. The theory is that he’s trying to rev up his base so the Democrats avoid electoral disaster in November.

But the president’s madness may also have a method. He needs to avoid electoral disaster in November. These off year contests are different — more about turning out base voters than persuading the less committed.

Obama’s peculiar tactics are intended to do just that. Fire up the faithful now; worry about swing voters in 2012.

How? First, instead of seeking bipartisan legislative consensus, he uses his party’s majority power like a steamroller. Democratic partisans swoon when Speaker Nancy Pelosi crushes Republicans using the House’s unique majority procedural powers.

I don’t know. That could be part of it. But I think there’s more to it. He’s probably well aware that his party could lose the majority in Congress, so he’s in a hurry to fundamentally transform America while the window’s still open. He’s not your run of the mill politician who’s interested only in re-election. He’s a man on a mission, and he intends do everything in his power to turn the US into a European style socialist state, or worse. Sure, it will be easier if his party retains power, but he’s not about to let this opportunity go to waste. He’s come too far, too fast, to let that happen.

The big question is, how will we undo all the damage he’s inflicting on our republic once he’s out of office? Will it even be possible? The other day one of my little guys asked “Mommy, will it ever be America’s last birthday?” I had to stop and think about my answer. Never before did I ever think the answer to the question could be “yes.” Now I’m not so sure. I told him “I certainly hope not.”