USDA Official Tells NAACP Audience Federal Employees Don’t Get Fired, and How She Treated a White Farmer – Updated and Bumped


Update: Ms. Sherrod claims that the quote about helping the white farmer was taken out of context. She indicates that she went on to explain that she was telling the story of something that happened in 1986, and that she learned that race doesn’t matter. The farmer’s wife backs up Ms. Sherrod. As far as I know, the full video has not been released. She also said she was asked to resign before they even heard her side of the story.


Here’s video of Shirley Sherrod – who was appointed by the US Department of Agriculture Director Tom Vilsak to head the Georgia Department of Rural Development – explaining to an NAACP audience how federal employees don’t get fired.

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She didn’t stop there. In the next video she told the audience how she treated a white farmer who came to her for help in saving his farm. She didn’t believe he deserved her help based on his skin color, and directed him to a white lawyer so he could be helped by “one of his own.”

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Can you imagine if a white government official said something like this about a black farmer? Unless the white official was a big liberal with well known liberal apologists, the national media would be all over this story. Instead, we keep hearing about the manufactured racism of the tea parties. And let’s not forget, the tea party movement is just that – a movement. They don’t have any official power.

So much for the post-racial era ushered in by the election of Barack Obama.

Update: No need for the liberal apologists to go to bat for Ms. Sherrod, she resigned.

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