Seeking a Job? Here’s Some Good Advice


This Mish Shedlock post caught my eye, since I recently lost my job. It sounds like good advice, so I thought I’d share.

General Advice For All Job Seekers

  • Be flexible. Broaden your horizons as to what companies or positions you will accept.
  • Competition for every job is intense, so tailor your resume as close as possible to each opening you seek.
  • Generic resumes will likely not work, nor will trumped up experiences that you do not really have.
  • If you are underqualified to any significant degree, your application will quickly be discarded. Worse yet, the same applies if you are highly overqualified. Tailor your resume with this in mind.
  • Never lie about schooling, degrees, or experience. Even if you land a position, resume lies are grounds for dismissal.
  • Accept any reasonable job opportunity. If you hold out for exactly what you want, you may miss a good opportunity for another job that will be long gone by the time you realize the need to be flexible.

Other than that, all I can say is keep your hopes up and your expectations reasonable. Attitudes play a role. Companies will always give preference to those with a cheerful, can-do attitude.

That’s good advice. Unfortunately for those of you graduating from college, chances are you aren’t going to find your dream job. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a good job. Keep plugging away, something will come up. Take what you can get and when (and if) the economy improves you’ll have some experience to put on your resume.