I Thought This Was A Joke


Obama’s new campaign slogan: Yes we did! Seriously:

President Barack Obama has a new campaign slogan.“Yes, we did.”

He didn’t say “Yes, we did take a wrecking ball to the economy and your liberty.” Oh no. He would never admit that. But he did go on to make fun of Republicans.

He was also as partisan as he gets, calling out Republicans by name and having fun at their expense.

“They say no to everything,” Obama said, feigning indignant. “I go and I talk to them, and I say, ‘C’mon we can get something going here.’ No! Don’t want to.”

He again took on House Republican leader John Boehner for comparing Democrats’ financial regulatory reform legislation to killing an ant with a nuclear weapon — “You’ve gotta make a movie: The Ant that Ate the Economy,” he joked. He again knocked Rep. Joe Barton, the Texas Republican who apologized to BP for the administration’s actions during the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico — “When I heard that, I said, ‘Naw, he didn’t say that,’” Obama said playfully.

The audience laughed. So did he.

“The Bartons and the Boehners and the Blunts. They’ve got that ‘No’ philosophy,” Obama said. “That’s the choice in this election: moving backward or moving forward.”

Voters have seen this movie before, he said, “So we know how this movie ends. Right?”

Yeah. It ends with a lame duck one term demagogue and an enormous mess that could take generations to clean up.

Via memeorandum

Update: The organizers of this event were unable to fill all of the seats, so they had to slash the prices. Heh!