DISCLOSE Act Fails for Now


Harry Reid failed to twist enough arms to ram through the DISCLOSE Act and he failed to get enough votes for cloture in the Senate. All of the Northeast RINOs voted no, and Joe Lieberman was absent. Harry Reid even voted no so he can bring it up for another vote. That’s right, they aren’t about to stop trying to pass this legislation that favors unions and Democrats.

The Washington Independent: In other words, now that the bill will likely not be brought up for another vote until September, Democracy 21 is arguing that it will not become effective quickly enough to have a large impact on the 2010 congressional races. That said, the language in the bill currently states that the new disclosure requirements must go into effect 30 days after the law’s enactment, so a mid-September passage could have advertisers scrambling to comply during the last few weeks of the election cycle.