Code Pink Could Have Picked a Better Week for Air Conditioning Protest


Good grief, these people are out of their minds. The wedding last weekend was in a little town called Perkasie in Pennsylvania. It’s near Quakertown, a little north of Philadelphia. It was stinking hot – and humid. The wedding was outside and the officiant invited the guests to take off their suit coats because it was so darn hot. When the sun went down it seemed to get even hotter and more oppressive. Walking from the cocktail hour rooms to the reception area was like walking into a steaming bowl of pea soup.

If not for the air conditioned rooms, I’m sure some of the older guests would not have made it through the evening. I guess that’s what the Code Pinkos want – old folks dying from the heat. Hey, then we won’t have to pay for their health care.

Via James Bedell, via Weasel Zippers.