White Candidate is Now Invited to Speak at Black Forum


This is good news. Looks like the conservative blogosphere my have made a difference for Liz Carter, who is running for congress in Georgia.

The Other McCain reported:

It was Dan Riehl who tipped me to that story, which originated with aFacebook post from Republican congressional candidate Liz Carter, who had been excluded from an Atlanta political event, the Newsmakers Live forum.

Da Tech Guy jumped on the story and started making calls, and the story was quickly picked up by Georgia blogger Obi’s Sister, by Pete Randall at Peach Pundit, and by Red State (with a cross-post at Minority Report).

The denouement? Liz Carter was included in the forum — at the insistence of Johnson’s Democratic primary rivals — and Johnson himself had a mysterious “schedule conflict” that prevented him from attending. As DaTechGuy notes today, the controversy was covered yesterday by Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller and today by the Atlanta bureau of CBS News

Basically, it all started with one tweet. The Other McCain has a full run down of how the story went viral and went from the blogs to the main stream media. It looks like the only blogger he forgot to mention is me! Sigh.