Mosab Yousef Faces Death Sentence if US Deports Him


Please visit a new website, Save Mosab Yousef, set up to alert people to the plight of Mosab Yousef, also known as the Son of Hamas. Mr. Yousef converted to Christianity and spied on Hamas for Israel. He came to the United States seeking political asylum. Now the Department of Homeland Security wants to deport him.

The Islamic Media Front has issued a death sentence against Yousef. In their mind he is the worst sort of infidel. Click here for more links. To find out how you can help, click here.

The SMY website was set up by Maggie of Maggie’s Notebook and Bob Belvedere of The Camp of the Saints. I played a small role but Maggie and Bob really deserve all of the credit.

Update: The Wall Street Journal’s editors are puzzled that the US would be trying to deport an anti-terror agent.

Mosab Hassan Yousef is a best-selling author who wrote “Son of Hamas” about his life as a Palestinian who became an informant for Israeli intelligence. He’s probably near the top of every Islamist terror hit list, yet, incredibly enough, the U.S. may soon deport him as a terror threat.

In 2007, Mr. Yousef came to the United States, where he converted to Christianity from Islam and applied for political asylum. The request was denied in February 2009, Mr. Yousef says, on grounds that he was potentially “a danger to the security of the United States” and had “engaged in terrorist activity.” His case has automatically proceeded to the deportation stage, and on June 30 at 8 a.m. he will appear before Judge Rico Bartolomei in Homeland Security Immigration Court in San Diego.

Homeland Security is well aware of the author’s history, and in fact is using it against him. According to Mr. Yousef, a letter from Homeland Security attorney Kerri Calcador cites passages in “Son of Hamas” as evidence of his connection to terrorist leaders and suggests that the work he did for Hamas while spying for Israel provided aid to terrorists. “At a bare minimum, evidence of the respondent’s transport of Hamas members to safe houses . . . indicates that the respondent provided material support to a [Tier I] terrorist organization,” the U.S. lawyer wrote.

But unless Ms. Calcador knows more than she’s saying, this is bizarre. As a spy for Israel, Mr. Yousef had to make his colleagues believe he was a loyal member of Hamas. He used that trust to gain information that he provided to Israeli intelligence, which used it to prevent terror attacks and save lives. One of Mr. Yousef’s handlers at Shin Bet confirmed his book’s account to the Israeli daily Haaretz, and his father, Sheikh Hassan Yousef, has disowned him from the Israeli prison he has occupied since 2005. (See our Weekend Interview with the younger Yousef, “They Need to Be Liberated From Their God,” March 6, 2010.)

Unbelievable. Be sure to read the whole thing. You can also find out what others are saying at memeorandum.