Georgia Candidate Forum – Whites Need Not Apply


Can you imagine if there was a white forum that excluded black candidates? Not that it would happen, or that I would ever advocate it, but still. This is outrageous! Who are the racists in this country?

Daily Caller: Because Liz Carter is white, she’s banned from debating Democrat Rep. Hank Johnson and the other black candidates running for his Georgia congressional seat at a candidate forum in Atlanta tonight.

The forum, moderated by Newsmakers Live, is solely for the black Republicans and Democrats running for Johnson’s 4th Congressional District seat, Carter took to the Internet to say.

Carter, a Republican, expressed her disappointment on Twitter Wednesday, asking, “What happened to diversity?”

What are they saying? That people with light skin are incapable of speaking to people with dark skin and vice versa? Are these people insane? Why are people still focusing on skin color? That’s the problem!

Via Dan RiehlLiz Carter’s facebook post.