Times Square Car Bomb Suspect a “Bald White Man” from Pakistan


By now you’ve heard about the attempted bombing of Times Square over the weekend, the one President Obama didn’t respond to until the following day. It looks like the suspect is a “bald white man” from Pakistan, not a teabagger. Sorry lefties. You won’t be able to pin this on the tea parties.

What is curious is how this guy was able to sneak a bomb into New York City, and why it took a street vendor to alert the authorities.

CBS News: Authorities have identified the buyer of the SUV used in a failed Times Square terror attack and are seeking him as a potential suspect, two law enforcement officials said Monday.

The buyer is a man of Pakistani descent who recently traveled to Pakistan. The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is at a sensitive stage.

The officials say the man is a Connecticut resident who paid cash weeks ago for the SUV parked in Times Square on Saturday and rigged with a crude propane-and-gasoline bomb.

The source told CBS News forensic evidence uncovered in the vehicle led them to a Middle Eastern man’s name that was familiar to counter terrorism investigators.

I guess the counter terrorism investigators weren’t monitoring the suspect too closely, despite his ties to radicals overseas. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t feel as safe as I did two years ago. Sooner or later our luck could run out.