Surprise! CBO Predicts Obamacare Will Cost $115 Billion More than Projected


Do you remember how the Democrats kept playing with the numbers to keep the price tag of Obamacare under a trillion bucks? Isn’t that why the doc fix was left out of the bill? Now that it’s law we get to find out what’s in it, and it will cost about a trillion bucks. Surprise!

Politico: Congressional Budget Office estimates released Tuesday predict the health care overhaul will likely cost about $115 billion more in discretionary spending over ten years than the original cost projections.

The additional spending — if approved over the years by Congress — would bring the total estimated cost of the overhaul to about $1 trillion.

The Congressional Budget Office expects the federal agencies to spend $10 billion to $20 billion over 10 years on administrative costs to implement the overhaul. The CBO expects Congress to spend an additional $105 billion over 10 years to fund discretionary programs in the overhaul.

If it’s not repealed, I predict it will cost about $2 trillion. I’m just splitting the difference between the projections of the CBO and Heritage, sunny little optimist that I am.

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