I’m Back!


I can’t thank Jeremy Sarber enough for the work he’s done. This time the site was basically taken down and re-created. All old posts are showing up as being authored by me, so I’ll have to add the contributors who have contributed to this blog and then try to find their old posts. I’ve also lost some images and my blogroll. I’ll try to add everyone to the blogroll that was there before, but again, it could take a little bit of time. If I miss your blog, please send a reminder to LonelyConservative@yahoo.com.  I’m sure I’ll find more kinks to work out as time goes on.

Thanks to those of you who have stuck around despite the problems. You’re the best. And thanks to my fellow bloggers like Maggie’s Notebook, Da TechGuy, The Camp of the Saints and Reaganite Republican for their support through all of this.

We don’t know who hacked this site. It could have been a random hit by some degenerate’s hacking software, or I could have been targeted by someone who doesn’t like this site. Whichever it is, we’re back in business. Jeremy’s taken steps to make this site more secure than ever.

The Camp of the Saints linked – Thanks!