Friday News Dump: White House Says Bill Clinton Offered Sestak Unpaid Appointment


This story is about as bogus as a three dollar bill.

First Greg Sergent reported that Bill Clinton spoke to Joe Sestak to informally feel out how serious he was about running against Arlen Specter in the PA Senate primary.

Then Greg Sergent reported that the White House official statement (written) said that Clinton offered Sestak an unpaid advisory position.

Here’s the official response from the White House counsel on what happened. The White House says, as noted above, that it asked Clinton to suggest to Sestak an unpaid advisory board position.The White House’s response says no secretary of the Navy gig was discussed, and that this sort of offer has happened numerous times in past administrations. ……

And: Sam Stein has more new detail, including the interesting fact that the White House looked into this and reached its conclusion over two months ago, making one wonder why they didn’t put this to rest earlier.

Yeah, why didn’t they put it to rest earlier? Why sit on it for two months only to release a statement the Friday before Memorial Day?

Sestak is now stating that the statement coming out of the White House is true. But he was singing a different tune for quite a while. The Strata-Sphere has videos that contradict the version of events the White House and Sestak have decided to run with. And what about Specter’s conversations with Rahm Emanuel?  (Via Liberty Pundits.)

This is too convenient. Why would anyone consider dropping a Senate bid for an unpaid advisory position? It doesn’t pass the smell test. Oh, and this isn’t the first time folks in the White House made a job offer in an attempt to get a candidate out of a primary. NewsBusters has that scoop on that story.

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Update: Rush Limbaugh: Now we know why Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had lunch yesterday. Could they be any more obvious?