Bukovsky and Stroilov Weigh in On Dispute Between Berlinski and Radosh


Vladimir Bukovsky and Pavel Stroilov have now weighed in on the dispute between Clarie Berlinski and Ron Radosh over her recent piece in City Journal.

City Journal – Eye on the News:

One would assume that a historian normally wants to know more, not less, about history; perhaps even to be able to tell the public about it. It should be natural for a historian to complain about important archival documents being unpublished and even unavailable to researchers. That was the main point of Claire Berlinski’s recent article in City Journal. Oddly enough, some eminent historians have responded with angry protests against the fuss we make about the secrecy of the archives. They claim to have all the archives they need readily available. They want no more. It is dishonest, they say, to try and publish all these documents as if they contain something new – we (the Eminent Historians) had known all about it all along.

The truth, of course, is quite as bad as we say. But even if not, why should the eminent historians get so angry? Why would they object to more archives being opened and published?

You should read the whole thing. It’s interesting and informative. Also included are responses from Radosh and Brent.

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