Barack and Michelle Obama: Food Hypocrites


The folks in the White House are planning a war on food. They want to control what we eat to save us from ourselves. As usual, it’s more do as I say, not as I do from the first family.

President Obama was in Buffalo, NY today to talk about this great economy he’s creating. Funny, I know. Ha, ha. While in Buffalo he stopped at Duff’s Famous Wings for lunch.

CNN: The president at first ordered 10 medium wings and fries, then changed his order to five regular and five extra crispy on the advice of a customer at Duff’s Famous Wings.

I wonder how much fat and cholesterol he ingested with those extra crispy wings and french fries. Do you think the fries were salted?

His wife is an even bigger hypocrite. Michelle Malkin reported in The Washington Examiner that Mrs. Obama profited handsomely from her work with an industry she’s now demonizing. Oh, and she got the job because she was married to a US senator. How convenient!

In June 2005, a few months after her husband was elected to the U.S. Senate, Mrs. Obama hustled a seat on the corporate Board of Directors of TreeHouse Foods, Inc. Despite zero experience, the food-processing company put her on its audit and nominating and corporate governance committees.

For her on-the-job training and the privilege of putting her name and face on their literature, the company forked over $45,000 in 2005 and $51,200 in 2006 to Mrs. Obama – as well as 7,500 TreeHouse stock options worth more than $72,000 for each year.

The chairman of the TreeHouse Foods board, Sam K. Reed, was a top executive at Kellogg’s and Keebler Foods, home of that great menace to children, the Keebler Elf. Before that, he headed up Mother’s Cake and Cookie Company. The conglomerate sells cheese sauces, Cremora non-dairy creamer, instant soup, puddings and powdered soft drink mixes.

Is anyone noticing a pattern with these people?

Via memeorandum