Stupak’s Been Lying All Along!!! Video Surfaced! Obama’s Deal Won’t Even Count!


Here’s video of Bart Stupak last year, when he didn’t know he was being recorded.

Via Gateway Pundit

That’s not all. It looks like he’s cutting a deal with Obama, for some executive order. But the order won’t be binding.


Da TechGuy and 101 Dead Armadillos linked – thank you. The Hayride also linked and has information on Dan Benishek who’s running against Stupak. Contributions are pouring in for Benishek. Heh.

Update: See this press release from Bart Stupak on the 19th. $726,409 for airports in his district. Did he hold out so he could get a kickback and bring a lit pork home to help with re-election?

memeorandum linked also.