Sen. Susan Collins (RINO) Tries to Stop Bunning’s Objection – Update – Bunning Gives In


This is the problem with Northeast Republican Senators. Come to think of it, save for a few, this is what’s wrong with Republican Senators.

Roll Call: Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) took to the floor Tuesday morning to ask that the Senate vote within hours on the bill so that thousands of furloughed federal highway workers could go back to work and the unemployed could see a resumption of their jobless benefits. Bunning’s filibuster, which he kicked off Thursday, caused those provisions to expire Sunday night. The retiring Kentucky Republican wants the measure paid for.

Bunning objected to Collins’ request, as he has to nearly a dozen requests from Democrats for similar rapid resolutions to the standoff.

Collins said she was proffering the request on behalf of herself and “numerous” other GOP Senators with whom she had spoken.

Naturally, Senator Collins went on to list how many people are being hurt by the actions of the Senate. Bunning didn’t relent, and managed to take a swipe at the GOP.

But in objecting, Bunning took a shot at his own party and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) as he read a letter from a constituent who praised his stand against the bill. McConnell and Bunning have a frosty relationship — it hit a low point last year as Bunning was deliberating over whether to seek another Senate term.

“It’s too bad Sen. Mitch McConnell and some of the elected officials on your side of the aisle do not have the backbone or your sense of decency when it comes to keeping their promises to the American people,” Bunning quoted his constituent from Louisville as writing.

Good for Senator Bunning!

All they have to do to pass the bill is PAY FOR IT!!!!

Michelle Malkin has much more, including how what Bunning is doing technically isn’t a filibuster, how “temporary unemployment” is anything but temporary, and the bomb threat on Senator Bunning’s office.

Erick Erickson
points out that Roll Call is “dumbing down” by calling Bunning’s objection to unanimous consent a filibuster.

Heritage provides information regarding the Democrats’ bogus “Pay Go” bill.

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Update: Sigh. I guess he held on as long as he could. The Daily Caller reported Bunning struck an agreement with Harry Reid.

Under the deal, Senator Reid agreed to allow a vote on a measure to off-set the bill’s $10 billion cost with cuts in other programs. The off-set measure is expected to fail. So, despite Bunning’s efforts, the unemployment extension bill will not be paid for.

They also report that Bunning will continue to block a few dozen of Obama’s nominees.