Dana Loesch Takes on Chris Matthews


Dana Loesch appeared on Captain Tingles’ show to defend the tea party people. Of course, Tingles opened the segment by reading a nasty piece by Frank Rich, painting anyone who opposes the policies of the left as a racist. This is getting really old, really fast. The American people are smarter than these left wing “journalists.” Not so for that professor who also appeared, trying to sound all professorial when describing tea partiers as frightened of other races or something.

As a side note, just who keeps bringing up race? It isn’t our side. All their side sees is skin color. Who brought up Sonja Sotomayor’s race? Not us! She did, she’s the one who called herself a “wise Latina woman.” Can you imagine if white people walked around touting their white wisdom? Good grief! Chris Matthews loves to bring up Obama’s race. As for the tea parties, all races are welcome, and they don’t judge by socioeconomic status; unlike those on the left who love the old class warfare.

Back to Dana Loesch, she comes in at about the 4:23 mark if you want to skip ahead to avoid the most nauseating part of the segment. She does a great job smacking down all the liberal lies.

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You can read the transcript at Yid with Lid.

Oh, and if you want a visual aid to see the difference between “left wing” protesters and “right wing” protesters click here. Then come back and tell me which side is more civil.