White House Health Care Blog Post is Extremely Disingenous

The joke's on you, America

The joke's on you, America

Obama’s Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer put up a blog post on the White House website asking the Republicans to post their health care bill. Talk about audacity! When Obama attended the GOP retreat at the end of January he had the GOP bill. The bill is posted online at GOP.gov. If I can find it, surely someone working at the White House can find it.

But we all know this isn’t about the GOP plan, this is about the administration playing games. They’re grandstanding, hoping to garner some favor with the American people for their unpopular agenda. It’s sickening.

Not only are these people bold liars, they lie with impunity. A New York Times story reprinted here covers for them. This morning on Good Morning America, George Stephanopoulos touted the blog post and made stuff up. Newsbusters has the transcript. I wonder who regular GMA viewers believe? The guy they see on TV every morning, or some politician they may have never heard of. They may not even know that George Stephanopoulos is a former partisan Democrat operative.

This is like a sick joke, but it isn’t funny.

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