This ought to be good – NYT to publish ‘bombshell’ story about Governor Paterson



Will New York Governor David Paterson be the second Democrat governor caught with his pants down in the span of one term? Possibly.

TBI: This past week, a rumor emerged that the New York Times is working on a huge bombshell with plans to “Spitzerize” New York governor David Paterson.

Several media outlets have reported on these rumors.

Elizabeth Benjamin at The Daily News describes the report as “much worse” than the governor’s previous admission of an affair with a state employee, though she declines to name NYT by name.

What’s with these guys? Can’t they keep it in their pants? At least temporarily, say, while holding public office?

TBI reported that Paterson’s office informed them he has no intention of stepping down. Or does he? Maybe that’s why he was in such a hurry to appoint a new Lieutenant Governor. Remember when the Spitzer scandal broke? Spitzer initially denied having any intention of stepping down, too.

Well, this should be interesting. Personally, I hope Paterson doesn’t step down and makes Andrew Cuomo spend a ton of dough in a primary battle. As bad as Paterson may be, I think Cuomo would be worse.

Via memeorandum